The Science Of DNA And How It Has Helped Us Trace And Know Our Identity


Identity of self is a very important aspect of human life. People, from time immemorial have always wanted and seek to be identified with something or someone in order to feel complete. This is because identity, brings something to people in the sense of pride of who you are and this takes away the shame of even interacting with others, a desire to do or not to do things, a sense of security and even makes people comfortable by knowing who they are and it is for this reason that a lot of people defy odds in order to find out who they really are and where they come from.

With identity also, people are able to make some very important decisions that are in line with their daily lives in terms of their physical or mental abilities. If a person knows who they are, they will tend to behave in a particular manner because that is how those in their origin do behave and this is hard for a person who does not identify with anything because they will be confused most of the time with no guidance to their activities and behaviors. DNA extraction also helps us avoid some of the things that would even cause us harm either physical or mental.

The use of deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as the DNA has been very helpful in terms of man being able to identify themselves with a particular family or ancestry. Being the genetic composition that is used in the functioning and developmental growth of every living organism from plants to animals, it is used to identify links and origins of particular species by using science and technology.

DNA has made identity to be very accurate and this has been boosted by the introduction and availability of modern science technology that has made tracing and linking origins through DNA more accurate. For example the availability of tracing either patriarchal or matriarchal DNA of an individual can be done effectively with the different ways.

DNAs are tested using special laboratory equipment familiar to scientists and can be tested through various body fluids or parts for example whole bloods, serum, hair, saliva and other fluids at the liking of the lab technicians. The DNA kits used for identity can be given to individuals to find out on their own but are recommended to be done with specialists.

Other than tracing the origin of individuals genetically, DNA has also been used to trace the region of origin for example for displaced individuals and migrants. It is also used when people are needed to donate or receive organs during transplants.

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